09 (Jin Han Lee)


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Exhibition Text

PM/AM is pleased to present ‘09’, an online presentation of new work by Jin Han Lee, a South Korean artist recently returned to London. Jin’s new work continues the lively and characterful style that has seen her emerge into the spotlight, grabbing the attention of many leading galleries, institutions and collections worldwide. Jin Han Lee was born in Seoul in 1982 and has studied at Slade School of Fine Art, Goldsmiths and Hongik University. She has completed residencies with The Sarabande-Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation and Elephant Lab Residency (in partnership with New Contemporaries) among others.

The robustness of speech and the written word can be limiting, but for Jin Han Lee this truth is compounded by her experience of cultural and geographical difference. A South Korean artist currently living between London and Seoul, Jin moves from one society to another, swapping the familiarity of home for a social environment built on Western principles and bound by the English language. 

Sitting at a unique intersection between abstract and contemporary figurative painting, her work aims to depict experiences and sensations whose depth and complexities are lost in this failure of language. Everyday encounters with the world are concentrated into explosions of feeling, mapped out in wild outbursts of colour and psychedelic, illusory landscapes. In an autobiographical articulation, these constructions become scenarios in which human forms, or parts thereof, negotiate suggestions of terrain and exchanges between states.

Where some artwork seeks to deliver grand statements and epic propositions using a reduced set of aesthetic tools – leaving much of the work to intellect and imagination – Jin inverts the process and places emphasis on the paint sitting on the canvas. The boldness of form and vibrancy of colour speak directly to the viewer, opening and expanding a wondrous and layered world around a passing thought or momentary occurrence. Jin’s work is distinctly honest and remarkably tender, even at its fullest assertion of wit and humour, leaving nothing hidden from us. It shares intimate tales from other places, woven into our own, and encourages a frank dissection of our own experiences with ourselves. 

Daniel Mackenzie
May 2021


Jin Han Lee
Born: 1982, Seoul, South Korea.
Lives and works between London and Seoul.


2021 – PhD Fine Art (practice-led) Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.
2012 – MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, London.
2006 – BFA Painting, Hongik University, Seoul.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 – Martha’s Rumour. Nook Gallery, Seoul.
2021 – Secret or Rumour. Gongan, Seoul,
2021 – Extended Realities. Beaconsfield, London.
2021 – 09. PM/AM, London.
2018 – Missing You, Gallery EM, Seoul.
2017 – Running To You. Sophie’s Tree, New York.
2015 – Your Night My Day. Gallery EM, Seoul.
2012 – I Eat Vomit. HADA Contemporary, London.
2012 – Postmodernism of the Beholder-Landscape of the Concept. Alternative Space Loop, Seoul.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 – Winter, Summer (Jin Han Lee & Hyeonkyeong You). ArtSpace3, Seoul.
2021 – Young Dreams, Gallery Aout, Beirut
2020 – Exhibition/Publication, Wess, Seoul
2019 – 04. PM/AM, London.
2019 – Deptford X Festival. London.
2019 – Kupala Festival 2019. Lunar Edition, Phytology, London.
2019 – Sharing Borders. The Slade Research Centre, UCL, London.
2018 – Jin Han Lee and Alec Kronacker. Compressor, London.
2018 – The Intercontinental Breakfast. The Roaming Room, London.
2018 – The Day In The Evening (with Phoebe Unwin and Tom Worsfold). Space K, Gwacheon.
2017 – Academy Positions. Bikini Berlin, Berlin.
2017 – Art Basel Hong Kong (Gallery EM, Seoul).
2017 – Intercontinental. Roaming Room, London.
2016 – Zona VIP (curated by David Armengol). Passatge Studio, Swab Art Fair, Barcelona.
2015 – Today’s Salon. Common Center, Seoul.
2015 – Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015. ICA, Nottingham & London.
2013 – Tradition. Pump House Gallery, London.
2013 – Jin Han Lee and Ji-Sun Lee. HADA Contemporary, London.
2012 – Meta Empire. Daegu Exco, Daegu.
2012 – Saatchi Gallery New Sensations 2012 (curated by Rebecca Wilson). B1 Space, London.
2011 – Joong-Ang Fine Art Prize Exhibition. Hangaram Museum, Seoul Arts Center.
2011 – Embracing the Void. Albemarle Gallery, London.
2011 – I Am Solitary. 10 Vyner street Gallery, London.
2010 – Future Futures Future: Korean Contemporary Artists. Korean Cultural Centre, London.
2010 – Guasch Coranty Painting Prize. Center of Art Tecla Sala, Barcelona.
2010 – Open Painting. Royal West England Academy, Bristol.
2010 – Gathering Storms. Bayfield Hall, Norfolk.


2021 – Artist in Residence, Beaconsfield, London
2019 – Artist in Residence, Elephant Lab Residency (in partnership with New Contemporaries), London.
2016 – Artist in Residence, Wimbledon College of Art, London.
2015 – Artist in Residence, The Sarabande – Lee Alexander Mcqueen Foundation, London.

Selected Collections

Hyundai Capital, Seoul.
Art Busan, Seoul.
Joongang Daily, Seoul.
Kolon Corporation, Seoul.
MMCA Art Bank, Seoul.
The Sarabande Foundation (Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation), London.
Soho House Barcelona, Barcelona.
Swiss Re, Zurich.